We believe that an educated investor is a better investor, so Cornerstone Wealth Partners will work diligently to educate investors in the area of free market investing. We provide regular educational workshops designed to increase your knowledge and keep you informed about financial markets.


When your money is on the line, no amount of planning is too much. We work with our clients to guide them, whether they are thinking ahead to a new car, a new home, or retirement.

Free Markets

We believe that Free Markets are efficient; therefore, Free Market Portfolio Theory will be the basis for the management of client investment portfolios.

3-Factor Model

The Fama and French Three Factor Model is an asset pricing model that expands on the capital asset pricing model (CAPM) by adding size and value factors to the market risk factor in CAPM. This model considers the fact that value and small-cap stocks outperform markets on a regular basis. By including these two additional factors, the model adjusts for the out-performance tendency.

Coaching Seminars

To help keep our clients diligent in their investment management, we host quarterly seminars designed to educate on the various myths of investing, and to equip investors with the tools needed to fight back.

Portfolio Balancing

We regularly re-balance our clients portfolios to keep asset classes weighted properly. As the market values change over time, we carefully monitor our portfolios to ensure nothing is out of proportion.

We Want to Help You.

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Evan is an Investor Coach who teaches his clients—through education and encouragement—to close the behavior gap in investing…

Evan is a graduate of Calvin College (BS Accounting) and since 1994 has been helping people make their biggest financial decisions—from mortgages to retirement portfolios. Evan grew up in west Michigan and was one of eight children. He and Jenny, his wife of 15 years, now live in Mason MI with nine children of their own. Evan is active in his church where he’s served as deacon and elder.


For over 17 years, Steve has been coaching clients in some of their largest personal financial decisions. Sound advice for financing new home purchases has earned Steve the trust of his clients. Steve also provides sound investment coaching for clients that share his conservative philosophy for investing savings.

Steve is an owner in two financial companies and he practices what he teaches. Steve is a coach to his clients. He believes that his clients’ best decisions are the ones that they own and understand for themselves. Steve has implemented a process for equipping clients to make excellent decisions consistent with their own personal philosophy for investing.

Success through decisions based on convictions creates peace of mind. You can and should have peace of mind around all your financial decisions.

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