Love Gov ep.5 (6:00) . . . Alexis wants to buy a house, and the ever-faithful, ever-paternalistic Gov is there to remind her that finances are no obstacle to getting the house she deserves. Gov’t & Marriage .

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Love Gov Ep.3 (5:30) . . . Gov helps Alexis make a health insurance choice. Strike that. He helps her cut through her own confusion by eliminating health insurance choices. The Secondary Socialist . . . A Bernie-Sanders

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Myths About the Crash . . . In January of 1988 Murray Rothbard addressed the swirl of misinformation that followed Black Monday of October ’87. He was a voice of reason then, and (on this subject anyway) he is still one now.  Categories : Uncategorized  Posted by Charlie Beals  Comments Off on Operation Choke Point and other FREE-MARKET GEMS

Love Gov Ep.1 (5:30) . . . Meet Scott Govinsky, or “Gov”. In this hilarious series by the Independent Institute, the federal government is portrayed as an overbearing boyfriend who only wants to make the world a better place and protect Alexis from…well…herself.

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The Death of Wealth in Connecticut . . . Christopher Westley of the Mises Institute laments the latest cash grab from “The Full of Surprises” state: a nearly ten-fold jump in the death-tax cap, making CT one of the worst states to

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