We Don’t Have Health Insurance . . . No one does anymore, and Jim Fedako of the Mises Institute explains why. Campus Confusion (3:00) . . . Professor Rob Gressis discusses taxation, charity, and the use of force with

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MMA in NYC? . . . Not if the unions have their way. Legal in 49 states, and considered the fasting growing sport in the world, mixed martial arts  has always been, and still is, illegal in New York. But it’s the unions, not

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The Broken Window Fallacy . . . Good logic has been knocking it down for a long time. Now empirical research takes a shot at this most disastrous of Keynesian presuppositions.  Categories : Uncategorized  Posted by Charlie Beals  Comments Off on Gulags and Gandy Dancers: FREE-MARKET GEMS

A Jurassic-World What-If . . . Why things wouldn’t get out of hand if capitalists (boring, conservative, opportunity-cost-watching capitalists) really ran the park. Good economics that would make a really bad movie. A Ban on Smoking Research? (1:30) . .

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The Next Bubble? . . . Even amid nation-wide funding cuts, college campuses are building like mad. So who’s footing the bill? Easy: Anyone paying the tuition rates that have risen 4 times faster than inflation over the past 30 years.

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