Gulags and Gandy Dancers: FREE-MARKET GEMS

The Broken Window Fallacy . . . Good logic has been knocking it down for a long time. Now empirical research takes a shot at this most disastrous of Keynesian presuppositions.

Austerity Starts with Gov’t Budgets . . . John Stossel provides a good follow-up to the previous link and shows the Broken Window Fallacy at work.

China’s Gulags . . . A prisoner of China’s secret labor camps for 19 years (he was guilty of being the son of a banker) Harry Wu speaks out.

Lifting Sanctions on Iran . . . John Glaser and Justin Logan of the CATO Institute provide compelling reasons that the Iran Nuclear Deal will prove no threat to the US or Iran’s neighbors.

Love Your Job! . . . Here’s some inspiration to help: 10 jobs from the early 1900s that humans like you actually had to perform (never mind the low pay and long hours).