Long Live Liberland! And Potholes! FREE-MARKET GEMS

Love Gov Ep.3 (5:30) . . . Gov helps Alexis make a health insurance choice. Strike that. He helps her cut through her own confusion by eliminating health insurance choices.

The Secondary Socialist . . . A Bernie-Sanders led government wouldn’t take companies from their owners–Heaven forbid!–just the profits.

Charity Won’t End Poverty (2:30) . . . But U. of San Diego’s Matt Zwolinski shows how history has the solution: economic growth.

Viva Liberland! (2:30) . . . The world’s newest sovereign state is not quite a year old, but it’s taking its first steps. Promising the fewest taxes and government intervention possible, Liberland would have a higher population that Iceland if all 360,000 applicants for citizenship were accepted. Sign me up!

Paved With Good Intentions (9:00) . . . The Highway Trust Fund currently spends 94% of its budget on NON HIGHWAY projects. Bob Poole, director of transportation policy at Reason Foundation recently went to D.C. to talk some sense. They didn’t listen.