The Man Behind Flint’s Water Crisis and other FREE-MARKET GEMS

Brazil’s Economic Woes . . . have a real economic cause. His name is John Maynard Keynes, and he’s been dead for 70 years. But wait, Brazil’s not the only one under his spell…

Flint’s Water Crisis . . . Yep. We can blame Keynes for that too.

Star Wars Inspiration (1:30) . . . History professor Amy Sturgis looks at the Samurai order of Japan and the Knight’s Templar as source material for the Jedi. Vader’s helmet makes perfect sense now.

Creative Genius (7:30) . . . It’s about location, location, location, says Eric Weiner, author of The Geography of Genius. And throw in some hardship and adversity too.

Dr. Dre Knows . . . Though his Beats headphones may not appeal to the purist, consumers don’t really care. And Peter Klein of Mises says it’s time to embrace the bass.