Darth Trump, Pot Law, and the Risk Fable: FREE-MARKET GEMS

The Risk Fable . . . Entrepreneurs are not gamblers choosing lower risk over more; rather, they are needs providers, putting their resources where the greatest consumer need lies. Only a right understanding here can explain the effects of taxation on entrepreneurship. Ludwig von Mises himself is the guest blogger today (ok, he’s dead; it’s a book excerpt).

Pot Law – A Game of Inches (2:30) . . . Possession of an ounce can get you 10 years of jail time in Virginia, and not even a warning next door in D.C. But when we don’t like the laws, we can still (for now at least) vote with our feet.

12 Reasons to Oppose the Welfare State . . . Professor Bryan Caplan of FEE breaks them down according to soft, medium, and hard-core libertarian sensibilities. So there’s something here for everyone (who thinks rationally).

Conscription as Payback? . . . Nonsense, says Ron Paul. We already pay for our freedom to the tune of $700 billion in tax revenues every year. Furthermore, government does not grant to us our rights. It secures rights already granted to us by God.

Darth Trump . . . Yes, another Star Wars / Presidential Race analogy. From one Sith presidency to another, Trevor Burrus highlights America’s most recent slide toward the dark side.