The “Priceless” Railroad (6:00) . . . A thought experiment on free markets and central planning. And just about the best primer out there on the informational power of prices.

Good ol’ Days of Poverty . . . China’s richest man, Jack Ma, says he was happier when he was a poor teacher just out of college.

Schools of Choice for the Planet? (5:00) . . . Yes, says Bartley Danielsen, founder and president of Environmentalists for Education Reform. More choices will entice more parents to stay in the inner cities.

Social Security Default . . . Not only is it inevitable, but it’s been happening, for decades now, in slow and incremental tax increases and benefit reductions.

Libertarianism, pt1 (11:00) . . . In the first of a 14-part series, David Boaz of Libertarianism.org lays out the very first origins of Libertarianism. And he begins, properly, in the Bible.