War, the GOP, and Jesus: FREE-MARKET GEMS

Trump-ism, Socialism (19:00) . . . and other isms as discussed with former-Soviet (defected) economist Yuri Maltsev and Jeff Deist, both from the Mises Institute.

The Rebalancing Act (3:00) . . . a primer from our friends at Matson Money on the how, when, and why of rebalancing your investment portfolio.

War – What’s it Good For? (3:00) . . . Bruce Springsteen answered it best: absolutely nothing. Libertarians, say it again.

The GOP Debate (4:00) . . . ReasonTV gives us their 3 best and 3 worst moments of the Vegas debates.

Who is this Baby Jesus? . . . Kevin DeYoung reminds us that this is the most important question you will ever answer. You need to get this one right.